INCS Manifesto

The Institute of National Capacity Studies is pleased to announce the revival of its research based socio-political and economic local policy advocation for the Indonesian New Decade Economic Development ( 2003 – 2015 ), in Jakarta on August 26, 2002.

The Research Agenda Priority for the years 2003 – 2010 includes :
o Managing and Financing the Regional Economic Development;
o The Energy Supply Security for sustaining the Indonesian Economic Development;
o Health and Education, with particular emphasis on the health maintenance and the character building of the Indonesian Society, by encouraging social accountability, commitment to words given (“my word is my bond” principle) and above all, both the honesty and the discipline towards good works;
o The Grass-Roots Democratic Development by promoting the direct election of all key level of local governments, such as the Regent, the Judges and the Police Chief.

Matters of importance for the Nation’s Institutional Building Capacities at the local levels and for securing local community cultures by initiating occasional Town / Village meetings to discuss the community concerned issues and interests :
o Local public goods and bads provisions and services;
o Local Property and Land Taxations;
o Local Charges;
o Local Public Finances and Expenditures;
o Local Public Health provisions;
o Local Public Education and Sports activities;
o Local Cultural and Art activities;
o Local Public Information activities.

Local Policy Briefs will be published to link and match the communication and the networking activities among local communities in the region. Occasional local newspapers and televisions gatherings will be undertaken at selected cities. In addition, Seminars on local issues as well as regional and national issues will be conducted in various regions in Indonesia.

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